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Video Consultation

The shortage of mental healthcare providers is staggering. Often contributing to declining mental health. You are ready, you have been searching, and yet have not been helped yet. We are here for you.

Virtual Bridge the Gap - Short Term Counseling  

  • How

Call or Text.

  • When

24 hours access to schedule future appointments.

  • Where

Wherever you are.

  • How much

We will work with your insurance. If don’t have insurance still give us a call and we will help you.

  • Who

Meet with our licensed providers.

  • Then What?

While you see providers in our program, our coordinators will be working to find you a permanent provider.

We care. We are here.

The Bridge the Gap program is designed with YOU in mind. Meet with our licensed clinicians for brief counseling to bridge you closer to your next appointment with your permanent provider.

For both adolescents and adults. We will assist

you in connecting with a permanent provider.

Want to find a solution today? 

101 E 8th St Suite 110 Vancouver WA 98660


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