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Facilities, discharge planners, and case managers are key people in the process of connecting individuals to the right services following acute treatment; or who are in the process of preventing acute treatment. Being sent home from the hospital with a list of unvetted people to call can be overwhelming. Numbers not working, no calls back, and an overall feeling of lack of care. We at SunstarVBS want to help.

  • How

We will help connect you to whom you need when you need. Know that the people we provide you with will have appointment time set aside for you.

  • When

24 hours a day 7 days a week. If there is a wait then you can utilize our

Bridge the Gap program.

  • What

We have a running database that is updated weekly of providers taking new patients.

We care. We are here.

Connecting you to the right provider at the right time is our goal. With the shortage in mental health providers and programming, SunstarVBS is here to help fill the gap and support you in your search. This has been designed for adolescents over age 13 and adults in mind. We will assist you in connecting with a permanent provider.

Want to find a solution today? 

101 E 8th St Suite 110 Vancouver WA 98660


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