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Group Calls

Group 90%, Individual 5%, family 5%.

Virtual Groups - Support and Psychoeducation

Peer support is knowing that you have shared experiences. Your support group encourages learning skills and strategies to manage behavioral health symptoms. Creating hope and changing outlooks for lasting stability are the main goals of our virtual groups.

  • How

Tablet, phone, or computer.

  • When


  • Where

A private space wherever you feel comfortable.

  • How much

We will work with your insurance. If don’t have insurance still give us a call and we will help you.

  • Who

We care. We are here.

Virtual groups will provide access to treatment options that are often hard to find. Peer support can help you to recognize that you are not alone. We have options for adults and 

adolescents from Parent Support to CBT, and DBT, with many other options. New groups start frequently so sign up for our

notification options.​  We all need help, hope and healing. We will do it together.

Want to find a solution today? 

101 E 8th St, Suite 110 Vancouver WA 98660


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